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Preschool Essentials

4.99 usd

Top educational app for kids and toddlers !This app delivers 10 most essential skill games that every growing child needs -
** Letters and Phonetics ** Numbers and Counting ** Colors ** Tracing** Shape puzzles ** Sports** Music Instruments and sounds** Animal names and sounds** Vehicles names and sounds** Shape games
With over 5 million downloads on Android, KINDLE, iOS and Windows devices, the educational apps by "GuruCool" is a proven way to boost your child's early learning abilities.
These games have been developed by professionals with specialization in child development and design. They encourage active participation, early problem solving, pre-academics. And most important - it is Fun !
• Multi-sensory approach to learning that will kids engaged for hours- Beautiful music, encouraging sounds, real life pictures and amazing touch experiences• Multiple high-definition pictures to help build vocabulary along with phonetically accurate sounds• Positive reinforcement through sound effects and encouraging voiceovers• Clean and simple design makes it child-friendly and appealing• Intuitive progression through steps; children set their own pace• No Ads !
These games were developed with educators and parents and tested on kids. Our collection of learning games are interactive and engaging- there are strikingly beautiful pictures with corresponding names to help build vocabulary. Early literacy skills such as making predictions are also incorporated. To develop visual discrimination, children can match pictures in an appealing puzzle format. We engage fine motor skills and spatial awareness in each activity. We have carefully selected the images, voices, and background music to facilitate the maximum learning potential of your child!
We know that tablets and apps are just a part of the learning experience. One of the most powerful influences in children’s learning is parents! Therefore, we strive to provide useful information to parents in the form of strategies and activities. These daily Parent Tips can give you ideas on a variety of activities you can do with your child to encourage learning in the form of short readable tips. The link to our website provides more information on these activities and more. From the ParentZone you also have a centralized view of your child’s progress and you can also reset your apps to start from the beginning. We are continuously adding new learning experiences so look to us for fun, entertaining & educational activities to help your kids learn, explore n grow.